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What a success! It's still early the next morning after our very first Empty Bowls dinner here in Loudoun County, VA, and I'm am blown away with how successful it was. The afternoon of the event, as we started to dwindle to the last few tickets, I started to get frantic emails from a few people worried they wouldn't get a ticket, so I added ten more dinner tickets to make the count look more friendly, never guessing that they would be sold. They hour before we started serving soup, the absolutely final ticket sold. The music was wonderful! Blue Night Sonata played beautifully and they themselves had a great time! The flowers by Lark Floral were spectacular! I don't know if you noticed, but the large arrangement that they donated included vegetables -- sprigs of tomatoes, radishes, etc. The soups were amazing. We had 45 gallons of soup for the night and had about 1-2 gallons left at the end. Then there were the volunteers -- mostly our children and their friends that we roped into service. Those teenagers worked their tushies off, and did so cheerfully. It wasn't until the end of the evening that we realized that the baggers -- those three young-people from the Loudoun Valley Art Club who checked off and bagged every bowl -- didn't get a break. And we didn't know because they never once complained. Stone Tower Winery was beautiful, and Kristi Huber and her daughter Lacey did most of the decorating and furniture arranging, and then that night, were at the forefront of clean-up. The night went smoothly and fabulously because of the immense generosity of Stone Tower Winery.

But the greatest contributor to our success was YOU! We had a great crowd. All of you were patient when we were running low on things, excited about the bowls, mingled and chatted, and -- best of all -- were extremely generous. From ticket sales, donations, art and wine sales (of which we received a portion in donation), and final close-out bowl sales, we made just under $10,000. And when I say "we", I mean all of us -- you and me and the bowl artists and the soup makers and the winery and the musicians and the volunteers. Loudoun Empty Bowls is about bringing together the community for the common cause of ending food insecurity, and that was what we did -- what you did -- last night.

Next week we will visit Loudoun Interfaith Relief and Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter and make our donations. We will inventory and put away supplies. We will returned items borrowed and replace items lost. We will breath a long sigh of relief that it is over and get back to our normal routines. And we will start getting ready for next year.

You are wonderful! We thank you and we hope to see you again next year!

--Jenny Wolfer

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