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  1. How can I volunteer?
    Tell us! I've added a place on the contact form to indicate that you're willing to volunteer and how we might use your time and talents best.
  2. What does volunteering entail?
    Volunteer tasks might be contacting a restaurant to get a commitment for a soup donation, organizing your group to make and donate baked goods, helping set up or clean up on the night of the event, or just getting the word out about the issue of food insecurity in our county. There are only six of us here at Loudoun Empty Bowls, and we're planning on 550 bowls, 70 gallons of soup, and an outrageous amount of baked goods. Our success is dependent on your help.
  3. I don't have a PayPal account, but I want to donate. What should I do?
    While PayPal handles all of our online transactions, an account with PayPal is not required. Continue through Checkout and PayPal gives an option to pay by credit card without logging in. This allows for you to have a secure checkout experience.
  4. Where are my tickets?
    This year we're going with paper tickets. If you order online, your tickets will be waiting for you are the Will Call table at Stone Tower Winery during the event. The tickets are identified, not by your name, but by your email address here at
  5. Can I buy tickets in person before the event?
    Yes! The six people who make up Loudoun Empty Bowls -- Kristen Swanson, Amy Berringer, Magen Morse, Christi Palacios, Kaarin Nelson, and Jenny Wolfer -- will all have tickets in hand to sell until we're sold out. Payment by check should be made at the time your are handed your tickets.
  6. Is Loudoun Empty Bowls a real charity?
    Yes! Loudoun Empty Bowls is registered as a charitable organization in Virginia, and a 501(c)3 Public Charity with the IRS, Tax ID 46-5089393.
  7. How much of my money will actually go to the recipients?
    100% of the proceeds go to the grant recipients, which this year are Loudoun Hunger Relief and Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter (LAWS).
  8. I have a Full Ticket - Dinner and Bowl, but I won't be attending the dinner. Can you just mail me my bowl?
    Unfortunately, no. The bowl is our gift to you for attending our dinner. While we cannot pick out a bowl for you, if someone you trust is also going to the event, you can have them pick out your bowl for you.
  9. The ticket description and website mention that all of the bowls won't be available to choose from at 6:00pm. Why is this?
    We have observed that at other Empty Bowl events where all of the bowls are out and ready at the start, there is a mad rush and bottleneck as everyone wants to have first choice of the bowls. We want this dinner to be a wonderful experience of eating, drinking, enjoying the music, and socializing, not one of standing in a long queue. We also recognize that not everyone can arrive at 6:00pm on a Thursday night, nor would we want everyone to arrive all at the same time, and we want the bowl selection opportunities to reflect that.
    Half of the bowls will go out at 6:00. Then we take a break in bowl selection at 7:00 to hear a short message and let our volunteers put out the rest of the bowls in peace, and at 7:15 we will open up the bowl selection again until the end of the night.
  10. What is up with the tiny soup cups? The soup cups hold 8 oz which is supposedly a single serving of soup, but we don't expect that to fill you up! At any given time, there will be about 10 soups available, and we want to you try everything that sounds good to you, come back for more of your favorites, and of course note which restaurants donated your favorite soups. Little soup cups keep you from accidentally filling up on one delicious soup.
  11. Why are you having this dinner on a Thursday? Why not Saturday? (or Friday like they used to be?)
    Stone Tower Winery has been very generous to host this year's dinner during prime wedding season, and their every Saturday is booked well in advance. Even their Friday nights are highly sought-after for rehearsal dinners, evening weddings, and parties, and we here at Loudoun Empty Bowls are deeply honored to have such big-hearted friends and sponsors who are willing to donate both the location/resources and a desirable time to make this evening a success.
  12. I can't get to Leesburg by 6:00 on a Thursday night. Am I just out of luck?
    Not at all! We will serve dinner from 6:00 until 9:00, and we have enough Empty Bowls that even the last person to arrive will still have a lovely selection from which to choose.

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