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Bowl Donations

Loudoun Empty Bowls needs empty bowls!

If you would like to donate bowls for our event, they must meet a few requirements:

  • Food Safe -- While we do not serve soup in the empty bowls during our fundraising dinner, any bowl that a reasonable person might think to eat from must be food safe. The inside of the bowl should be glazed with a known-to-be food-safe glaze without crazing, crawling, or pitting. We cannot ensure that a purely decorative bowl with a warning label will still have its warning by the end of an evening of handling, and not everyone in the public understands that a lovely crackle glaze is a bacterial haven. Unless you put a hole in the bottom or it's made from fabric or woven grasses, assume that your bowl will be eaten from.
  • Handmade by YOU -- All bowls need to not only be handmade, they need to be donated by the person who made them. This helps us ensure that they are food safe when the donor knows exactly what went into them. And handmade because no one wants to come out and end up with a bowl made by robots.
  • Materials -- This may surprise you, but the bowls don't actually have to be ceramic. In the past we've had glass and wooden bowls, and as long as it meets the other requirements, we welcome whatever material with which you happen to create bowls.
  • Skill Level -- By no means do we expect every bowl donor to already be a master of their craft. Previous bowls have been made and donated by professional potters but also by student potters and even absolute amateurs whose first experience with clay was draping a slab over a hump mold to hand-build a wonderful bowl for our event. We only ask that you put into your bowl your love for the craft and a desire to help those in our community.

When your bowls are ready to be donated, you can drop them off at White House Ceramic Studios at 16 E Pennsylvania Ave, Lovettsville, VA 20180. Or drop us an email (bowls at LEB dot org) or contact us through the contact form, and we'll arrange for picking up your bowls. Make certain that your bowls have with them some type of contact information (business cards, post-it note, etc) so we can reach you if we have any questions; so that we can credit you on our website, posters, and on the bowl label; and so we can send you your tax receipt.

Thank you!

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